IDEO Morph 38

IDEO Morph  38 is a high-rise residential tower located in stark contrast to its low-rise neighbors in Bangkok, Thailand.  The project takes on a symbiotic relationship with the environment.The buildings have a natural aesthetic featuring a massive green facade providing cooling in summer, heat regulating on cooler days, and rain water management during rainy months.  The development has been separated into two towers to maximize plot ration, and each building targets to different potential tenants in character.

The two towers are visually interconnected through a folding "Tree Bark" envelope that wraps around from the 32-story rear tower (Ashton) and 10 duplex-story front tower (Skyle).  The outer skin is a combination of precast concrete panels, expanded meshes and planters.  The functions of the skin varies from being sun shading devices to covering air condensing units.  The bark on the west and east side strategically becomes green walls, in accordance to the tropic sun's orientation.  the height of this wall is 65m on the front tower and 130m on the rear tower respectively, providing the residences and neighbors with a comfortable visual and natural environment.

Skyle is targeted for singles or young couples with the smallest unit footprint being 23.3 m2.  The se duplex units are expressed vertically with variation of balconies and air condensing units.  In contrast, Ashton emphasizes on the horizontal and cantilevered spaces which are targeted to families.  The unit sizes and types vary from a single bed with a reading room, to duplex units with a private swimming pool and a garden on the 8th floor, and a four bed duplex penthouse at the top level.  A 2.4m cantilevered living space projects from each unit on the North side.  This is made up of a glazing enclosure on three sides providing the maximum view.  Each unit on the south has a semi-outdoor balcony which is flexible in space.  The double layer of sliding windows allow for a transition between a conventional balcony to an extended indoor living area.