Capitol Designer Studio (CDS) has commissioned Lily Jencks and Nathanael Dorent to create a pop-up installation in Primrose Hill, London, to show people just what's possible using a porcelain tile.

Lily explains that there are two ideas within the installation: "One is about perception- how you perceive distances and shapes; and make sense of space.  The other is about how to display an object that's for sale; we wanted the space to be more than just a showroom selling tiles; to rethink the commercial transaction as something more creative."

The first idea was inspired by Op Art and Gestalt psychology.  Pulsate creates a sense of reinforced perspective and as a result will draw people into the space.  Nathanael says; "We decided to use one system of tiles in one size and four colors.  it's just a simple herringbone pattern, but we've applied it in three dimensions, to create something really eye popping." Lily adds: "What's fun about the Sistern is the subtle range or color.  To get the really vivid exciting pattern, we go from dark to light to dark in a gradient, like a pulsating wave, which is where the name comes from".

Mark Williams, CDS says: "Pulsate pushes the boundaries of what's possible with tiles. By linking a manufacturer with a designer, they can think freely and explore the possibilities of the tile as a medium, to create anything they like.