Maggie's Cancer Caring Center

Maggie's Aberdeen at the Elizabeth Montgomery Building is located at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Foresterhill Hospital, in the UK.  The Maggie's Center is not a treatment Center but a place where individuals can meet, connect and receive help and guidance.

Located on the Southern boundary of Foresterhill Hopsital, Maggie's Cancer Center is a free standing Pavilion at the edge of the Westburn Field.  Nesting in a row of trees marking the course of the Westburn, the Maggie's Center enjoys views across the field and ample sunlight from the south and west.

The building is conceived as a pavilion in its parkland setting.  The soft exterior form envelopes the whole of the center and defines the courtyard garden.  The exterior shell creates the framework for the center and sculpts the main spaces, whilst the timber interior of the building creates more intimate rooms and spaces that the Center requires.  The center is primarily on one ground floor level with a smaller mezzanine area devoted to the office functions.