Lee House

Located in porto Feliz, Brazil, Lee House is organized in a single volume ground-floor site.  Every room therefore establishes a strong relationship with the external, opening out to the garden.  dies to the warm temperatures of Såo Paulo traditional Vernacular Brazilian architectural elements were used throughout the home.

In the living room, all windows are recessed creating an extension of the external space, with a large veranda.  The room then prolongs the pool deck and crosses to the other side of the lot.  The front veranda is delimited by a foyer in the facade revealing two wooden boxes divided by the social area.  The kitchen opens to the living room, encrusted in one of the boxes that holds the utility areas.  The bar opens out to the social area and is contained in the box that holds the bedroom as well.

At the end of the bedroom corridor, which can also be accessed from the outside of the house, there is a spa delimited by external walls and composed by a gym room, a sauna and a small outdoor pool encircled by the deck.  the house is clad in white mortar and the internal patio of the spa is encircled by stones.  The few materials used by the Lee house and the simple organization of the program create a minimal atmosphere that extends from the outer to the inner areas of the house.