Casa CorManca

Casa CorManca, located in Mexico City, Mexico was designed by Paul Cremoux.  Completed in 2013, the home rests on a 39ft by 42ft plot of land. the monolithic volume is transformed in order to attain luminous indoor spaces.  Slate stone at the exterior facades is contrasted with the soft beech wood finish, achieving great definition and special discovery.  The construction rises three stories out of the small plot of land looking south to the vertical vegetation garden wall.  The main patio was placed on the second level, followed by a small lecture studio.

The designers intent was to transform radically the notion of "open green patio" due to a lack of space to ensure a ground courtyard.  Vegetation in this case was not only viewed as a practical temperature-humidity comfort control device, or as a beautiful energetic view, but also as an element that functions as a light curtain, accomplishing the idea of a dramatic plane, where more space is to be found at the back.