Wooden Skyscraper; Stockholm

Berg I C.F. Moller Architects proposed a 34-story skyscraper made of wood for HSB Stockholm's architectural competition 2023.  In this joint proposal with Dinell Johansson and consultants Tyrens, the team chose to build upwards, with a wooden frame over a concrete core.

The team chose wood because it is one of nature's most innovative building materials: the production has no waste products and it binds CO2. Wood has low weight, but is a very strong load-bearing structure compared to its lightness.  Wood is also more fire resistant than both steel and concrete.  This is due to 15% of wood mass being water, which will evaporate before the wood actually burns.

In addition, logs get charred which protects the core.  Wood secures a good indoor climate, perfect acoustics, helps regulating the inside temperature and can be exposed without being covered with plaster or other costly materials.  In this project, the pillars and beams are made of solid wood.  inside the apartments, all the walls, ceilings and window frames are made of wood as well and will be visible from the exterior through the large windows.  Each apartment will have energy-saving, glass-covered veranda, while the building itself will be powered by solar panels on the roof.