Point 92 Tower: Zlg Design

Point 92 is a 19-storey tower with 200,000 sq feet of office space completed in late 2012.  The building was named after the size of the site itself, a small site of 0.92 acres.  The building is situated on a sloped site, overlooking Damansara Perdana in Selangor, Malaysia.  Staying true to the intention of creating an ambiance that includes the context to the inside of the building, visitors will get to experience a breathtaking view of Damansara Perdana as they arrive at the lobby through a slowly rising escalating step way above the drop off.

Despite its small size, the planting of about 500 trees around the site give rise to the feeling of dense vegetation around the main arrival floor.  This deck allows visitors to take in the view by providing randomly placed precast concrete benches that encourages respite while wooden lanterns with marine plywood ceilings buttoned tightly against a raw concrete under croft create a soothing canopy.    The reception desk with a pandomo recessed and undulating rebated wall greets the visitor and reminds them of the graphics and geometry of the building's facade walls.

The generating feature of the floor plate is a cut-out space which comprises of several levels of voids connected through gardens and meshes of vertical planting.  the center support column is braced to either side with different thickness of beams each corresponding to different floor forces framing the vertical space that is the garden.  The terrace is specially lit and designed grandly to give viewers from outside a taste of the garden.

Point 92 is also a certified green building by the Green Building index (GBI) of Malaysia.  A key green feature is the insitu placed white concrete facade, which comprises of 150mm thick walls with only 38% openings for windows, minimizing heat gain while maintaining optimum natural light in the office spaces.