Aeronautical Cultural Center; Spain

The Aeronautical Cultural Center sits in a business park linked to the Barcelona Airport at El Prat de Llobregat.  The Cultural Center is a multipurpose building that also functions as a hangar where public uses ( recreational an cultural) are mixed with trade and economic ones. It's designed to host, display and repair aircraft from the World War II and the Spanish Civil War.  It is also designed to host aeronautical business events, presentations and discussions of developments.

The project explores historic construction methods found in early hanger design and ancient aircraft.  Mixing the past with the present, the outer concrete skin is continuous supported by an inner skeletal steel structure designed to support the weight of hanging aircraft.

The 3,200 m2 facility has two zones.  Zone 1 contains the great showroom with real aircraft and a restoration workshop.  The first floor is part of the exhibition tour and also works like a viewpoint over the great showroom.  Zone 2 contains the administration area and the auditorium.