Sky City; World's Next Tallest Building

The world will soon crown its newest Tallest structure some time in 2014, called Sky City.  A planned 220-story prefab tower in Changsha, China, will soon claim the world's tallest building, steeling the title from the beautiful Burj Khalifa.

Broad Sustainable Building, the tower's builders, will begin construction this June, with prefabrication taking place off site lasting 3 months.  it will then be assembled in a record seven months for a structure of this magnitude.  The tower will reach a height of 2,749 feet, featuring residential, office space, organic farms, recreation spaces, schools, a hospital, retail and much more.  Sky city will house 4,450 families in apartments ranging from 645 square feet to 5,000 square feet with 92 elevators.  Sky City will be a vertical city that will accommodate 100,000 people and offer all amenities necessary to sustain a healthy life.

Using just a portion of its site, Sky City will be home to the most extreme urban density existing today. The sustainable tower will be surrounded by parks, providing open space to all residents.  Many energy efficient strategies have been implemented such as 8-inch thick insulated walls, triple glazing, exterior shading that cuts down on cooling by 30 percent, and a co-generation plant that will use waste heat from power generation for heating and cooling.  Transportation will be provided by low-energy elevators and for those who like to walk, a six-mile long ramp will run from the first to the 170th floor.  BSB assures that the building will be able to withstand a Magnitude 9 earthquake and will have a three hour fire resistance rating.

Watch This Video on Sky City Below!