Hanoi Museum

The Hanoi Museum located in Hanoi Vietnam is embedded in a park surrounded by water,  and beyond that echos exhibitions beautifully portraying the history of Hanoi with reconstructed traditional Vietnamese villages, all encountered before commencing on the museum.

Designers at GMP Architekten chose a square inverted step pyramidal structure, within this lies a central circular atrium which links an entrance level with the three exhibition levels.  These are arranged as terraces extending beyond the perimeter of the base as each level progresses higher.  This design feature sufficiently keeps the lower floors cool by creating a shadow effect protecting the interior exhibits from the sun.

The Buildings unique shape lends a floating effect to visitors, as they look out they experience a floating perspective over the landscape.  At the buildings core is a spiral ramp that leads visitors to the exhibitions above offering perspectives into the entrance hall and exhibition areas.

The First to third floors are used solely for exhibition purposes, the fourth floor also contains conference rooms, research rooms, offices and the library.  Air spaces also accommodate particularly large exhibits.