Feria Valencia Events Center

The new Feria Valencia built in 2007 by architect Tomas Llavador in Valencia, Spain stands as an emblematic building that represents the city architecturally conveying a message of modernity, capable of reflecting its new spirit as a prestigious business center and institutional site.  This role was specifically given to the Events Center.

To reach the Center, visitors walk under a pointed arch that opens into the glass vault above the central hall of the building, a reception area for visitors.  The height of the hall and the light weight materials used in construction make it a truly striking space.  This area also visually links the four floors of the building and diffuses the natural light that filters through the dome.

The roof structure is integrated by steel discs that serve as nodes and by steel bars that support triangular glass panels.  A second disc, positioned above the first one, fastens each triangle by its apex.  The outside layer provides solar control and ensures greater reflectivity protecting the space from excessive light.  The northern and southern sides of the building have ventilated facades that help avoid condensation and the surfaces.

The program of the building includes four conference rooms with the capacity for 80 persons each, two assembly rooms for 120 persons convertible into a single space with a dynamic panel system, an auditorium for 400, a second one for 750, meeting room for 65 persons, press rooms, VIP room, treasury, event office and restaurant, as well as five meeting rooms for 20 persons, storage and restrooms.

Feria Valencia has the largest exhibition center in Spain and one of the largest and most modern in the world.  With a total of over 230,000 square meters of floor area has eight multipurpose halls, meeting rooms, conference rooms and 68,000 m2 for parking.  The event center has a complete infrastructure for holding and organizing conventions, conferences and other large events.