Baku Flame Towers

Known as the 'region of eternal fires', Baku's long history of fire worshiping provided the inspiration for the development's iconic design, consisting of three flame shaped towers, each with a different function, set in a triangular formation.  The tower's, located in Baku, Azerbaijan, designed by HOK Architects, stands at a height of 140 meters.  It can be seen from most vantage points within the surrounding area and is already a prominent feature of the Baku skyline.

HOK undertook the master planning, concept and schematic design for the site and towers.  The residential tower sits to the south, accommodating 130 residential apartments over 39 floors, and is the tallest of the three towers.  It houses luxury apartments and boasts stunning views across the surrounding area, while the hotel is sited on the northern corner of the site and consists of 250 rooms and 61 serviced apartments over 33 floors.  The office tower is set on the western side of the complex, providing a net 33.144 square meters of grade A flexible commercial office space.