Pleats M; Hironaka Ogawa

Pleats M says it all, with the name, a perfect blend of fashion inspired architecture, appropriate for its context and use.  Designed by Hironaka Ogawa & Associates Architecture, the Pleats M building makes a bold iconic gesture on a long stretch or suburban road in Saitama, Japan.  The facility was built  to host events for weddings and other festive events.

The uniquely narrow site adjacent to a busy road, posed challenging design issues.  Designers aggressively approached the noise issue by posting a solid wall against the road, turning a beautifully pleated sculptural back for drivers passing by to admire.  The pleats serve both aesthetic and functional purposes, casting beautiful shadows with the daily and seasonal rising and setting sun.  The pleats are mirrored on the interior as well, creating an extraordinary architectural experience, ushering you to the chapel and lounge spaces outside the banquet hall.  The pleated motif has been branded throughout the building, appearing on fixtures, furniture, and accessories.  The designer clearly taking theme to the max.