How NASA's Deep Space Tech Continues to Make Life Easier On Earth

NASA's research has been responsible for all sorts of technological advances from developing new kinds of artificial limbs to better fire equipment.  The agency's most recent creation, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), a 21-foot in diameter telescope will be sent into space in 2018 to find the first galaxies that formed in our universe.

JWST has already proved its value even before its launch.  This is because new technologies had to be invented to make it work.  The Telescope has aided in advancing the efficiency in diagnosing eye disease, testing materials strength, and the production of better cameras.

In order to measure the shape of the telescope's mirrors, NASA had to invent better sensing technology.  This resulted in the creation of the Scanning Shack- Hartmann Sensor, a new kind of measurement device that can also be used to better measure the shape of human eyes in a matter of seconds instead of hours.  The technology has the potential to improve surgery and better diagnose eye disease.  Learn more about this and other advances in a full article at FastCompany.