Nvidia Headquarters; Sci-Fi Films and Architecture

The New Nvidia Headquarters looks like an office building straight out of a Sci-Fi film, or perhaps the popularity of Contemporary and Avant Gard architecture is a reflection of the influence science and technology has on the craft.  Silicon Valley will soon welcome the Nvidia and the Gensler designed building to its expanding list of tech moguls.  The tech company has become part of a trend of businesses who seek to transform their work environment into into one that reflects their innovative business model in its most physical form.

The schematic renderings depict a pair of 250,000 square foot triangular mother-ships centered around collaboration, a complete contrast to the typical, dated office building commonly found throughout Silicon Valley.  The facility prides itself as being a modern workplace designed for collaboration and innovation, whose seamless transitions and exaggerated staircases spark spontaneous interactions and informal meetings.  Even the notion of a staid lobby will be transformed into an "activity-filled space that serves as the heart of the building."

The concept borrows inspiration from the logic of chip design – where the connections for information flow are deisgned first – as each of the two floor plates are centered around how people move, maximizing the opportunities to connect and enhance collaboration.  All will be housed in Two-story, triangular volumes capped with sculptural roofs composed of triangular facets that correspond to the interior layout, allowing vaulted ceilings and skylights as needed.

The new headquarters will be constructed in two phases, with ground breaking scheduled for the first building in June and completion set for July 2015.  It is unknown when the second building will be constructed.