Weinhof Synagogue; ksg Architects

The Weinhof Synagogue designed by Kister Scheithauer Gross Architekten was built for the Jewish community of Ulm, Germany.  Functioning as a synagogue and community center, the beautiful white stone structure features a large window incased in a Star of David motif facing the direction of Jerusalem.

In 2009, the Israelite Religious Community in Wurttemberg decided to build a new synagogue for its orthodox community in Ulm and, together within the city of Ulm, initiated a competition.  The city placed the building site in the middle of Weinhof, just a stone's throw from the former synagogue, which was destroyed during Kristallnacht.

The cuboid structure is 24 meters wide, 16 deep and 17 meters high much lower than nearby Schworhaus and shorter than initially planned, fitting like a glove into its surroundings without detracting from its unique character.  The rooms are arranged orthogonally.  Only the synagogue follows the line of the only, free-standing support in the building, in a diagonal direction pointing towards Jerusalem.  The Star of David window in the sacral room contains 600 openings, illuminated from many points, with the focal point being the liturgical centerpiece; the Torah shrine.  The prayer room offers space for 125 people, including 40 spaces in the women's gallery.