SIPOPO Congress Center

The SIPOPO Congress Center of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea is located on the west coast of Middle Africa, on a site by the ocean and surrounded by woods , next to a recently completed Meeting Hall.  The rectangular two-story block is nested in a semi-transparent metal envelop which serves as a shield protecting from the severe sunlight of the region, providing security, optimum daylighting and protection from extreme heat.

The screens lacy texture breaks the direct rays of sunlight, providing a shady interior without hindering the accent of transparency.  The elegant screen merges softly with the surrounding ocean and woods reflecting the beauty of its surroundings.  The facade is perceived as an assortment of playful geometries glittering with the daylight, due to the placement of metal panels in variations at different levels and angles.  The curtain wall system allows for maximum views with no horizontal or vertical mullions to obstruct views toward the ocean.  The refraction of the glass along with the glittering mesh forms a mirror image of the surrounding nature.