Rock Stadium; UAE

MZ Architects designed a contextually appropriate and innovate design concept for a new soccer/ football stadium in the city of Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates.  The design is inspired by the desert landscape, celebrating the game it hosts as much as it celebrates the site in which it lays.  S  The stadium is sunken 200,000 sqm, like a sunken treasure, into the cooler depths of the desert sand.  It presents itself to the visitor as a series of sharply inclined planes emerging from the ground.

Recognizing the powerful language of its surroundings and intelligently approaching the issue of scale and the intermittent use of the stadium architecture, the project turns the Jebel Hafeet rocky mountain into one of its main features.  The design merges architecture and landscape, blurring the boundaries of the built and the natural and creating a space that allows the visitor to interact with the desert as much as with the stadium activity.

Inspired by ancient examples of amphitheaters and temples, the project refers to the first greek amphitheater that worked with the topographic landscape of its site, taking it a step further and challenging the site to new measures by sculpting it, refining its elements and playing wit the mass and void relationship.

Source: archdaily.com