Queens High Line Proposal Gets Jump Start

Cities across the country have been re-evaluating their unused rail right-of ways since the continued success of Manhattan's west side High Line Park.  The borough of Queens now has big plans to transform its own abandoned infrastructure into its own version of the High Line called the Queensway Cultural Gateway.

Early proposals reveal a new pedestrian and bike path, public green space and a cultural gateway that will celebrate Queens' diversity in art, sculpture and food, serving the 250,000 residents that live in the neighborhoods along the route, which include Rego Park, Forest Hills, Richmond Hill, Ozone Park and Forest Park.

In late December the 3.5 mile LIRR Rockaway Rail Line was awarded a $467,000 grant from New york Governor Andrew Cuomo to begin a feasibility study.  The massive structure that sat abandoned for over fifty years will provide the opportunity for the borough to continue of providing great parks and wildlife reserves, and revitalize neighborhoods that are devoid of spaces like these.  The Queensway promises to bring an economic stimulus to the communities surrounding it.

Source: Archdaily