"Copy Cat" Architecture in Chine, Say it Aint So!!; Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid, world famous for being a pioneer of avant-garde architecture, finds herself racing to finish construction of  an original design of the futuristic Galaxy Wangjing SOHO complex , that shamefully was stolen by a contingent of pirate chinese architects and construction teams in southern China.  They have set out to build a carbon copy of the SOHO complex, challenging Hadid to a race to complete her original project.  The starchitect has 11 projects currently in construction across China, with her latest designs radiating throughout architecture schools and studios across the country.

The SOHO complex, comprises three towers that resemble curved sails, sculpted in stone and etched with wave-like aluminum bands, that appear to swim across the surface of the Earth when viewed from the air.

Zhang Xin, the billionaire property developer who heads SOHO China and commissioned Hadid to design the complex, lashed out against the pirates during the Galaxy opening, reports Spiegel Online International. "Even as we build one of Zaha's projects, it is being replicated in Chongqing." a megacity near the eastern edge of the Tibetan plateau. The pirates are building faster than SOHO.  The original complex is set for a 2014 completion date.

Source:  Spiegel Online International