Hasselet Court of Justice

The new Hasselet courthouse in Hasselet Belgium is an open, transparent building with direct public access.  It sits within a master-plan created by West 8, which redeveloped a former rail yard and station.  The former railway station will be restructured with a park, public buildings, offices and hotels, as well as urban residential blocks.  J.Mayer H. Architects, along with LensAss Architecten and a20-architecten have designed and completed construction of the two high-rise buildings, "including the new Hasselt courthouse.  Throughout the design process, designers referenced both the image of a tree symbolizing the hazelnut trees in the City of Hasselt's coat of arms, and steel structures in the once industrial- and Art Nouveau-influenced area.  The tree-like structure also refers to courts held under large, old trees, a common tradition in the Middle Ages.

In keeping with the building's logistical requirements and safety provisions, the structure is divided into three separate units: courtrooms, a university library and office tower with a 64-meter-high panorama restaurant showcasing a dynamic view over the city of Hasselt and its surroundings.