Ghana Builds the Largest Solar Array in Africa

Blue Energy, a UK-based renewable energy firm unveiled plans to build a 155 MW solar power plant in Ghana, said to be the largest in the continent.  The $400 million Nzema project will have the capacity to generate sufficient energy for 100,000 homes.  Unlike many other solar power plants, the Ghana facility will run on 630,000 photovoltaic panels deemed most suitable to Ghana's particular climatic constraints.  The 155 megawatt plant will increase Ghana's generating capacity by 6%.

Industry Analyst Ash Sharma at IMS Research says that the key element in helping the project go ahead has been Ghana's renewable energy law under which the plant has been awarded a deed-in tariff for 20 years, premium guarantees for the working life of the site.

A facility of this scale is possible now because the price of PV modules has dropped by 40% over the last couple of years, according to the BBC.  Construction is scheduled to begin late 2013, with the plant switching online by the beginning of 2014.

Source: The BBC