Festina Lente Bridge; Hurry Slowly!

The Festina Lente bridge (translated to hurry slowly) in Cantone Di Sarajevo, Bosnia is quite simple in nature, offering a very contemporary sculptoric beauty in a traditional and historic landscape.  The sleek lightweight and agile structure presents an adaptable casual contact among all objects and human beings.  The basic idea of the bridge is the union of the secular and spiritual and to establish a balance between left and right side.  Crossing the bridge is a unique experience because of its specific layout and views that one encounters when going through the gate, preparing the user to enter into another dimension, awakening spirituality.

Technological solutions and modern design of the bridge became the brand of Sarajevo.  The bridge's construction is faced with aluminum trim and glass fence.  Spanning 38 meters, the bridge creates a point of approach, appropriate for the area in front of the temple currently occupied by the Academy of Fine Arts.

The loop on the bridge is a symbolic gate, representing a tradition of city entry gates in Bosnia.  The two banks of the bridge are completely different, one is covered with grass and the other built from stone, for visual contrast.  There are two benches placed under covered sections to encourage meeting and interaction, lit at night by white LED lights.