British Airways Goes Green with Biofuel

Earlier this month British Airways announced that under the GreenSky project in London, it has signed an exclusive agreement to build a state of the art biofuel site on an undetermined site.  Once in fully operation, the facility could turn 500,000 tons of garbage into 50,000 tons of green airplane fuel.  The technology responsible for this is Solena's synthesis gas technology that turns garbage into a liquid hydrocarbon.  After the waste is turned into a gas, it will then be treated through Fischer- Trospsch reactors, which are patented by Oxford Catalyst.

The new plant is all a part of the goals for the airline to have "Carbon Neutral" growth from 2020.  British Airways, who is just one in a growing list of airlines who are looking to make their air transportation industry more sustainable, is already committed  to investing $500 million over ten years to buy the fuel.  Other well-known companies are KLM, United Airlines, and Lufthansa.