Singapore's First Commercial Vertical Farm Is a Big Hit With Locals

Singapore recently a few months ago opened its first commercial vertical farm, making local options for fresh produce more abundant and accessible to its millions of citizens.  Sky Green Farms is the developer who opened the 9 acre farm in Lim Chu Kang.  The center produces three types of vegetables currently available at FairPrice Finest supermarkets.  Although produce cost 10 to 20 cents more than vegetables from other sources, shoppers have been snatching up whatever they can get selling out produce by the truckload.

The farm is comprised of 29.5 foot tall aluminum towers, with vegetables stacked in troughs at multiple levels.  Currently there are 120 vertical towers.  The farm hopes to increase the number to 300 by next year, increasing its current daily supply from 0.5 tons to 2 tons, which could lower cost of the produce. Investors are currently being sought out to help build the additional towers costing a hefty $21 million.  Currently 7 percent of Singapore's vegetables are grown locally;, but with more innovative farming methods, it could reached the targeted 10 percent in the near future.

Source: channelnewsasia