Reading Between the Lines

'Reading Between the Lines" is a brilliant work of art done by the duo Gijis Van Vaerenbergh.  The duo is a collaboration of two Belgian architects Pieterjan Gijis, and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh.  Their primary concerns when approaching a project are experiment, reflection, and a physical involvement with the end result and the input of the viewer.

'Reading Between the Lines' is part of 'pit', an artistic trajectory with works by ten artist in the region of Borgloon-Heers. 'Pit' will be the first part of the exhibition project Z-OUT, an initiative in which Z33, the contemporary art museum of the city of Hasselt, presents art in public space.  Giji Van Vaerenbergh created piece for the exhibit based on the design of the local church.  The church consists of 30 tons of steel and 2000 columns, and is build on a fundament of armed concrete.  Through the use of horizontal plates, the concept of the traditional church is transformed into a transparent object of art.

The form of the church changes in appearance depending on the perspective of the viewer.  It is either perceived as a massive building, or dissolves partly or completely into the landscape.  Viewers that look from the inside of the church to the outside, witness an abstract play of lines that reshape the surrounding landscape.  In this way, church and landscape can both be considered part of the work.  the church makes the subjective experience of the landscape visible, and vice versa, hence the title which implies that to read between the lines, one must also read the lines themselves.

Source: ArchDaily