XiShuangBanNa Residence; Dai Bamboo Houses

The XiShuangBanNa Residences in JingHong, China was designed by Tokamarch Architects.  The designers followed their inspiration from the traditions of the "Dai"village establishing a unique relationship between the modern building and local natural environment.  The traditional village keeps a great balance with the natural environment in XiShuangBanNa.  The boundary of every family is divided by bamboo fences or green plants, this feature is very present in the design concept of the structure, maintaining a harmonious compatible symbiosis in the relationship between the living space and the natural environment.

The site is located in the center of the city 'JingHong' meaning "the City of Dawn", which is the center of politics, economics and culture in XiShuangBanNa.  Unlike most cities in Chine who are virtually mirror images of each other, XiShuangBanNa has not succumb to ignoring its local history, cultural background and climate conditions.  it has held onto its local character and charm, keeping its rich local customs and unique natural environmental characteristics.  The "Dai" bamboo house is made up of local materials such as woods and bamboos.  It is open and lightly blended within the natural surroundings.

The project transfers horizontal living spaces of the traditional 'Dai' village into vertical living spaces, creating a local, natural and modern new architecture.  Modern living spaces vertically settle with the traditional village spatial arrangement producing a new vertical village.  Aerial gardens are produced through setback platforms on each level. Double-height public courtyards settle on every two levels to become the modern vertical village with local characteristics. The green courtyards within  produce the micro-ecological environment for a healthy life.  Grasses soften the buildings edge while trees and plants provide protection from the sun and wind, also absorbing traffic noise from the street.