Tianjin Grand Theater

Tianjin, China's Grand Theater occupies a key position in the newly built Cultural Park of Tianjin.  The design by GMP Architecture incorporates a circular roof construction to correspond with the existing Museum of Natural History in order to continue an architectural dialogue of an earth-bound structure establishing two "floating" circular volumes at both park ends.  Earth and sky represent a fundamental thinking in Chinese philosophy.

The roof volume of the Grand Theater opens up toward the broad water surface like an open sea shell.  The Opera Hall, concert hall and the small multifunctional hall are exposed to the water surface like pearls in an oyster shell.  The three volumes are conceived as free standing volumes on a stone base.  Broad stairways connect the stone base with the raised plaza creating a kind of stage for urban life which overlooks the lake and the Cultural Park.  The roof construction is a transformation of the traditional Chinese element of multiple eaves and thus defines a system of common horizontal layers, which creates an architectural entity of roof, facade and stone base.

Vehicular traffic is avoided on the water side.  Drop-offs are located to the north and South whilst bus loops are situated along a dwelling mound to the east of the building.  All internal areas are located within the base so that an unobstructed internal circulation in achieved.