Spinning Solar Cone Generates 20 Times More Electricity than Flat Photovoltaics

Get ready to see a new trend in domestic solar generation, the new V3Solar Spinning Cone, constant rotation allows every cell to capture sunlight for the duration of the suns journey through the sky.  Traditional panels can be equipped to tilt to follow the sun's path through the course of the day, but there are still significant efficiency limitations to this basic design.

The V3 Spin Cell is currently undergoing refinement through collaboration with industrial design team Nectar Design before it is made commercially available.  The company is confident this will be a game changer in the solar market.  The V3 website explains that if 20x the solar concentration was placed on a flat static PV panel, the temperature quickly reaches 260 degrees F, the solar cell melts within ten seconds and the PV fails.  When the same concentration of energy is applied to the Spin Cell, the temperature never exceeds 95 degrees F.

The one-meter diameter cones feature a layer of hundreds of triangular photovoltaic cells positioned at an angle of 56 degrees, encased in a static hermetically-sealed outer lens concentrator.  The photovoltaic cone spins with the assistance of a small amount of its own solar generated power which feeds a Maglev system, intended to reduce the noise generated by the cones as well as any required maintenance.  The company has also developed a pole designed to hold ten Spin Cells, that combined will produce 10KWp, in a footprint of 10 SF.  The company hopes to dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership of solar farms while also increasing power density.

Source: Inhabitat