Finalists for Japan's New National Stadium

Zaha Hadid and UNStudio were among the eleven finalists announced by Tadao Ando and the Japan Sport Council, who will complete in the final round of the international competition for the New National Stadium of Japan.  The new reconstruction of the National Stadium hopes to attract world-class events with the world's largest spectator capacity and the world's finest hospitality.   The new stadium, ahead of schedule is committed to hosting the 2019 Rugby World Cup and is slated for completion in 2018.

A quote from Tadao Ando was shared by Arch Daily: "Our wish is to see a stadium designed by someone who shares this earth, with wisdom and technology that looks to the future of our planet."

Enjoy renderings from a few of the finalist below.

Cox Architecture pty LTD


Zaha Hadid Architects

Dorell.Ghotmeh.Tane / Architects & A+Architecture

Azusa Sekkei Co., Ltd

gmp.International GmbH