NCY's LowLine Unveiled in A Two Week Exhibit

NYC's LowLine Underground Park finally goes on exhibit in a life size mock up in an empty LES warehouse.  If you've been anxiously waiting, now your chance to see how it could be possible to enjoy civilized recreation underground.  The project is free and open to the public in the Lower East side from September 15 to September 27.  The entrance will be on Broome Street between Essex and Norfolk Streets.

The above ground exhibit, called "Imagining the LowLine", featured some of the cutting edge solar technology that will shine throughout the subterranean space, as well as an awesome immersive sound installation and a giant 50-foot-long model of Manhattan's subway map.  The curatorial team is also developing informative panels that will showcase the local and international support for the world's first underground park.

The heart beat of the park is the solar canopy.  The device is engineering at its best.  It equipped with LED lights, fiber-optic cables, and one-of-a-kind, and laser-cut hexagonal panels that work together to provide enough light  for the subterranean world below.  The solar collectors above ground channel light to the canopy, which reaches across almost half of the warehouse space.  The structure mimics the sky while providing enough light to allow photosynthesis to occur within the specially chosen subterranean plants.

Inhabitat reports that Environmental designer Misty Gonzales, carefully chose to curate the space with plants that are used to withstanding darker atmospheres like; lilly turf, fungi, moss, and japanese plants  are apt to thrive in the tropical canopies of the rainforest.  Check out the exhibit that opens up this Saturday.