International Center For The Arts; Portugal

The new International Center for the Arts in Guimaraes, Portugal was built on the grounds of an old municipal market because of its central location and excellent access.  The buildings that make up the Municipal Market and the space defined by them, commonly referred to as "the square", are characteristic elements of the urban landscape of the city of Guimaraes.

This project provided an opportunity to save and repurpose a key area of public space in the city.  The presence of the museum transforms the marketplace into a multifunctional space dedicated to artistic, economic, cultural and social activities, allowing for the physical and functional reintegration into the urban fabric.

The program includes three major areas: 1. The Art Center- houses a permanent collection of José Guimaraes, a temporary exhibition area, multipurpose space for additional activities, performances and shows.  2. Creative Labs- (business support offices) for the reception and installation of activities related to creative industries, allowing the development of business projects.  3. Workshops– supporting Emerging Creativity.  They consist of workspaces and creative vocation for young creators in various areas, hoping to develop projects on a temporary basis.