Endesa Solar Pavilion

The Endesa Pavilion Solar House 2.0 is a testbed for informational grid technologies driven and designed by Iaac with the support of Endesa.  The pavilion sits at the Olympic Port of Barcelona on the score of the Smart City BCN Congress.  The structure brings the distributed intelligence concept to the realm of architecture through multi-scalar approach. It aims to define an adaptive constructive system that responds to each solicitation at the lowest scale.  Each single module can answer its structural and environmental needs through its skin which acts as a network of intelligent nodes using "solar bricks" that protect from solar radiation, storing the energy and data.

The roof is equipped with photovoltaic panels for solar energy capture.  They also serve as protection from the extreme summer sun providing passive solar protection and allow radiation to enter during the cold months.  The roofs of the modules adjust to the levels of the sun for optimum energy capture.