Biblioteca Castro Leal; Mexico City

This incredible vault of literary wonders designed by BGP Architectura was built to house Antonio Castro Leal's personal Library.  The transparency of the space is reflected both in plan and the materials used throughout the project.    Floor to ceiling bookcases line the walls, with dark wood contrasting perfectly with translucent glass, and illuminated in various lighting displays that portray the books as more art than stacks of dust collectors.

The library is divided into four areas; reception, team collaboration space, personal reading, and research space.  The modular solution for each component responds to the placement of structural metal beams on the Catalan ceiling of the original building with hallways suspended from these elements decorated with light and stainless steel rounds.  Each bookcase has on its edge a continuous band of LED lights illuminating each book pulsating literary vibrations.  The library's industrial design took its reference from Castro Leal's personal library at his home, resulting in a personal comprehensive visual experience for visitors.