Amazon's New Green Seattle Campus

Amazons new headquarters will relocate to downtown Seattle, taking the stage as the largest development project the city has ever seen.  The campus will take up 3 square blocks with 3 37-story towers supported by lower volumes, and will feature lots of open green space, including green roofs.  Measuring in at 3.3 million square feet, the Amazon campus will be Seattle's largest development ever and it will keep the workforce downtown and encourage sustainable development.

NBBJ Architects released renderings of the complex at a design review board meeting last August. Amazon is seeking variances from the city for some of the street alignments and in return will be expected to add back to the city in terms of community amenities like public plazas, playground or dog park.

There has been no mention of the level of green building certifications designers will reach for.  There are however plenty of green roofs, natural daylighting elements, underground parking, bike parking with locker rooms to encourage biking as an alternative transportation.  The project is expected to begin construction in 2013 with an 8 year time frame.