VM Houses, Copenhagen, Denmark

The VM Houses are two residential blocks formed as the letters V and M.  Designers at BIG+JDS architects designed the blocks as such to allow for daylight, privacy and views.  The V-house is lifted to create a permeable block with a semi-private public court for residents.  The pedestrian landscaping flows from from the street, under the V-house and into the courtyard forming a spatial unity and sense of community between the two buildings.  The courtyard also accommodates a play area for the kindergarten in the base of M-house, along with than interactive learning area beneath the V-house.

The logic of the diagonal slab utilized in the V-house is broken down in smaller portions for the M-house.  In this project the typology of the Unite d'Habitation of Le Corbusier is reinterpreted and improved: the central corridors are short and receive light from both ends..  The building volumes provide optimal air, light and views for all flats.  All apartments have a double-height space to the north, and wide panoramic views to the south.

The VM housing project also makes use of practical sustainable planning tenants.  The V & M shapes of the buildings in plan also help the solar orientation of the building, allowing proper solar gain for heating and cross ventilation for cooling.  The heavy construction system also helps minimize heat loss.