Troll Wall Restaurant, Norway

The Troll Wall Restaurant and visitors center is a unique addition to the landscape, located at the foot of the Troll Wall, the design takes its cue from the surrounding landscape and impressive mountain wall.

Troll Wall is Europe's tallest vertical, overhanging rock face in the Romsdal Valley.  The Romsdal Valley has some of the tallest, sheerest cliffs in Europe and is a popular place for BASE jumping including "birdmen" jumping off cliffs in Wingsuits.  The location set the tone for the new service and information center.

The design by RRA is carefully planned in relation to the Troll Wall.  At the same time it is building a character and identity which in itself will be an attraction in the region. The building has a simple, though flexible plan, with a asymmetrically pitched roof that borrows its movement from the surrounding landscape.  The simple design gestures give the building its character and identity that makes the Service center a premier attraction in the region.

Images Courtesy of Reiulf Ramstad Architects