Contemporary Social and Affordable Housing Around the World

The Hatert Housing project was completed in 2011, designed by 24H architecture for the city of Nijmegen, The Netherlands.  I the Hatert district at the edge of the city, the housing corporations Portaal and Talis organized a great renewal operation.  Much of the current housing options in the city do not comply with contemporary standards or needs a complete overhaul.  The city of Nijmegen worked in cooperation with the office of Khandekar towards a master-plan in which most of the present houses are renovated or renewed.  The open areas in the neighborhood will be filled with several new housing projects.

24H Architecture's design consist of a sturdy tower with free formed balconies at its four corners, making a recognizable sculpture from all directions.  The parking is located underneath a raised deck that will function as a new public space for the citizens of Hatert.  Underneath the housing program the ground floor will be used as a community health center.

The Hegeman/ Cook + Fox, Brooklyn NY

The Hegeman, designed by Cook + Fox Architects, is a residential community in Brownsville, brooklyn that provides housing for low-income and formerly homeless individuals.  The Hegeman Residence will also provide a range of on-site social services in a model known as supportive housing.  It is also part of a Common Ground's Green Campaign, emphasizing healthy living through health and indoor air quality, restorative and biophilic design, and best practices to save tenants money on energy bills.

Social Housing In Granada, Spain

Honeycomb Apartments/ Izola, Livade/ Slovania

DPU Social Housing/ Paris, France

Can Travi- Senior housing and public facilities/ Barcelona, Spain