Cheeky Loo's

Sporting hues of garden green, the public toilet in the city park of Uster, designed by Gramazio & Kohler has a complex facade of 295 folded aluminum strips.  The depth of the folding and the slightly different colors of each strip generate a shimmering facade that changes depending on sun angle and the observers' perspective.  Each strip is laser-cut and hand folded. The strips are clipped and bolted onto 18 laser-cut aluminum sheets that are mounted to the facade of the prefab module "City" by Ekuch.

This proposed pedestrian and bicycle bridge in Amsterdam, features great public amenities like bike storage, restrooms, cafe, and viewing platforms.  Designed by Saint Val Laurent, the wooden bridge features charismatic high tension beams, that add a sleek modern edge to the historic river.

Public Restroom in austin Texas

Entries in the RIBA UK public toilet competition