Piazza D'ARMI; Urban Park at L'Aquila

Designers at Modostudio aimed to create a thematic interaction between the competition area and the adjacent existing urban tissue, by means of creating a park for the city that is decontextualized from the neighboring urban space, while simultaneously directly related to the skyline of the nearby Mountain Range.

Designers executed this visual statement by focusing on two important aspects; an artificial and natural theme.  The edges of the competition area, influenced by the surrounding urban structure and by the condition of these spaces, create a series of artificial and anthropological areas, that serve as a filter between the surrounding urban design and the area of the urban park.

The church, playground, the urban square, the marketplace, and the sports recreational zone become interwoven artificial worlds at a neighborhood scale.  The urban park becomes a vital element for the city; a place where the residents can experience a direct visual connection with the surrounding mountains.  It accommodates the theatre, a multifunctional building and performance space, but is also a cultural engine of the city, thanks to the many functions brought together there.

The filter between the artificial an the natural areas also becomes a visual filter, established by the earth dunes required to create the park.  The functional elements at the border of the lot are plan-metrically characterized by streamlined shapes, aiming to create the image of forces that push the urban tissue towards the inside of the park. The art installation located along the walls surrounding the marketplace commemorates the tragedy experienced by the L'Aquilian population with the earthquake of 2009.  Everyday objects with no apparent value or meaning, are applied as color spots on the large wall, which symbolizes and blank canvas for citizens to build upon.