Fluid Architecture: Ohm Tower, Mumbai

Rising 140 meters over Mumbai, the Bandra Ohm Residential Tower is a virtual model of what is proposed to grace the growing metropolis's skyline.  James Law Cybertecture imagined a cluster of highly contemporary spaces inspired by the ripple effect.  A rounded outline shapes a the residential building resembling the Ohm symbol.  Fluid and dynamic spaces were designed to complete the high-rise building.  the most unique feature are undulating glass pools acting as balconies adding drama to breathtaking city views.

The water inspired residential tower breaks the boundaries of design and challenges the inhabitants to rethink their homes while experiencing unique features: Architects Note "The ripple effect usually generates a vortex-like space in the center.  The tower design is trying to recapture the essence of this space by creating a large void in the middle along with a special designed clubhouse form.  With approximately 30 levels of residential units, Bandra Ohm aims to provide a luxurious living environment and experience to the residents.