Tori Tori Restaurant

Considered one of the best Japanese restaurants in Mexico City and due to its remarkable success, tori-Tori has now moved to a bigger location in the same area of Polanco, Mexico City, where Rojkind Arquitectos and Esrawe Studio teamed up to make it happen.

The restaurant is located in a residential area that has seen many zoning changes.  Homes have been transformed to office spaces or restaurants.  Many developed spaces have completely transformed the interior spaces while leaving the exterior untouched, preserving the neighborhoods history.

The designers however proposed to transform the space inside out. The main focus was placed on renovating the house, stripping the residential interior and removing all familiar features to produce an entirely different environment.  Although the client's requirements were oriented towards a Japanese interpretation, it was not literal, he wanted the place to have its own personal expression, contemporary and cosmopolitan, by enhancing its existing spacial conditions through different experiences, new open spaces, terraces, sake bar, and exclusive temple oriented at highly demanding sushi lovers.

Maintaining a very intimate and subtle feel towards the first encounter with the exterior, once you enter you'll find yourself in a terrace, where eating and drinking are embraced by natural vegetation.  The building's organic facade and landscape were carefully designed to become en extension of the restaurant creating a strong relationship between the inside and the outside.

The interior receives and follows the exterior with subtle contrasts.  Each room has its own nature and shows a clear relationship with its function.  The furniture was inspired and made for Tori Tori and developed with a direct orientation through each space.  During more than eight months a complete collection of chairs and tables were created, for both exterior and interior use.