Microsoft Vienna Headquarters

Microsoft is now hopping on the new trend wagon of fun creative and unconventional work spaces.  Google is probably the best trendsetter in this category with many offices around the world all sporting unique themes designed specifically for their demographic.  Facebook and Skype also have interesting designs that further elevate the a growing trend in tech companies designing unconventional spaces that aid in advancing the creative process and allowing workers to think beyond the conventional cubicles most 9 to 5er's are used to.

ARGE KOOP/INNOCAD emerged as winners in the architecture competition for Microsoft's new headquarters in Vienna, held of the basis of the WPA concept.

Working in close collaboration with the Microsoft project team during the subsequent project realization phase, the team of architects assumed responsibility for the overall design of the new Microsoft working environment as construction supervisors and project managers.  The architects stated their "aim was to intertwine and harmonize physical, virtual and social working environments."