Chinese Company BSB Aims to Build World's Tallest Building in 90 Days

"A 200- Story Energy and Material Efficient; Earthquake Resistant Building; A Car-Free City for 100,000 People; A milestone of Life-Style Transforming"  This is the advertising campaign for Sky City One, China's next major engineering endeavor propose by Chinese construction company Broad Sustainable Building (BSB).  The company has already established a reputation for themselves by erecting a 30-story hotel in 360 hours in December 2011.  They claim that their innovative construction techniques help them to meet such bold targets, including constructing buildings with prefabricated components from their factory before the construction team breaks ground, allowing the pre-finished pieces to be assembled on site much quicker, like a 3D puzzle.

The 220 story building also aims to be as sustainable as possible by using glazing and 15-centimeter-thick exterior walls for thermal insulation.  It is also expected to use a fifth of the energy that a regular building requires due to BSB's unique construction methods, and will serve as a city unto itself by housing over 100,000 people.

Currently the world's tallest building is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai standing at 828 meters and taking five years to complete. Sky City One will stand just 10 meters taller at 838 meters. Not many facts are out there about the project except that it will feature the world's tallest hotel "The J Hotel" and be linked by 104 elevators.  National news outlet Xinhua said that Sky City would not simply be another Chinese landmark, but a "medium-cost, super-saving utility to promote a futuristic urban lifestyle.