Design & Temporary Structures; Interims Audimax

Due to a significant spike it student population and lack of space at the Technical University of Munich, it was necessary to build a new temporary lecture hall only serving 10-20 years.  A very limited budget of just 60% of regular building costs and a very short planning and building period (9 months) made the decision to build a wood structure easy.  The primary structure is filled with a wooden frame construction based on a 62.5 cm grid.

The almost square building contains two lecture halls with 479 and 288 seats.  They are separated by a corridor which provides the access for handicapped people and the speaker.  The foyer, the bathrooms and the technical facilities are situated below the seating.  This assured a maximum of seats within a minimum of cubature.  The main access for the lecture halls are the two staircases and the first floor corridor.

The facade consists of rough cut spruce planks.  To counter the varying exposure to the weather and given the short time of service, the decision was made to coat the facade in black wood stain, so that the aging process is not visible.  By offsetting the facade's substructure by one module the image of an undulating surface is created, which is shaped by the light.