The Blade; Seoul Korea

Dominique Perrault is the chosen designer of a new 300 meter high tower, called The Blade,  located within the future Yongsan International Business Center in Seoul.  In 2008, Dreamhub, a consortium of thirty of the largest Korean companies, has launched an international urban planning competition for the master plan of Yongsan International Business center.  The chosen master plan named "Archipelago 21" was proposed by Daniel Libeskind.  In September 2011, Dreamhub ordered fifteen renowned international architecture studios to design towers within the master plan, which is expected to become a new symbol and growth engine for the 21st century.

The buildings in the business district are interconnected by a large park.  Connected to three other major business centers of the city, the future business center is developed away from the large monofunctional complexes, offering not only office space but also housing, shops and many government facilities, cultural, educational, and transportation facilities.

The buildings unique rhomboid prism shape, with changing appearances at various angles of approach, serves as a geographic landmark, and iconic figure.