Prosecutor's Office in Tbilisi

The recently completed Tbilisi Prosecutor's office in Tbilisi, Georgia Stands as an iconic building representing the public realm with distinct character and strongly ushering in the city into this new age of building design.

The building consists of a stalwart, stark black frame that has luminous, delicate volumes suspended within it.  70% of the building is freestanding away from the sides and the ground creating an impression of 'floating forms'.  The volumes make way for a passageway to one side of the building, creating a physical transparency of the building that is alluded to throughout the design.  The suspended volumes are staggered so that they create terraces and balconies.

The interior intelligently uses glass to create a feeling of transparency and light, in contrast to the dark impenetrable framework.  The ground floor serves as the main access area with security check in the lobby.  The top floor is dedicated to the prosecutors office, a meeting room, canteen and veranda for use by staff.  A sky park or roof garden is used for conferences or celebrations.  In contrast to the front facade, the back of the building is smooth and functional with few windows.

The stark geometry of the black frame represents the uncompromising nature of the legal system.  Inside the building, a clustered mirrored volume endlessly throws reflections: "The semantic message here is that the center is unknowable – purely because it is an endless reflection and ordering of the world around it", says Architects of Invention director Niko Japaridze. "The structure mirrors the brain; the glass exterior mimics the labor matter which processes exterior realities, while the hypothalamus is the centre of the nervous system controlling temperature, hunger, thirst and fatigue".