Project Utopia

Never mind a boat house when you can build a mansion that truly defines ocean front property.  The skies are blue for anyone who yearns for a property line conceived of only the confines of their home, completely surrounded by water.  The Utopia Project is a man-made island, with glass canopy panels that cover its interior or open out to create decks, suitable for any climate.  The spaceship like design allows for observatories with 360-degree views.

Arrive by helicopter at one of four landing pads or dock your yacht at a wet dock paired with a mooring system if you decide to arrive by sea.  Designed by Nigel Gee as "a place to be"," the naval-inspired destination is 330 feet in diameter and has 11 decks.  The island's glass canopy allows sunlight to filter into the interior and can be opened for fresh air.  The top pool can also serve as an outdoor pool deck.  These architecturally expressive aquatic pads are great for the aesthetically inclined, secluded dwellings nature lovers, spacious compounds for the party minded, and unforgettable retreats for families.

The homes naval design, created by Yacht Island Designs in conjunction with BMT Nigel Gee, means it can be floated slowly to any desired location.  Once there the structure can withstand even the roughest seas thanks to its four legged design.