Dwellings in Carabanchle; Dosmasunoarquitectos

Located in Madrid, Spain, designers at Dosmasunoarquitectos envisioned a residential complex that expresses its own personality unattached to its surroundings, only relating to natural and manmade boundaries that define its location.  The structure is aligned against a green area, against the confines of public spaces that link the old Carabanchle district with its forest through the new neighborhood.  In response to these conditions, the dwellings are compressed onto one edge, onto a single linear piece, in search for the genus loci of the place, views and an optimal orientation in which east and west share the south, generating the limit of the activity, soothing the interior and defining the exterior.

The 2 and 3 bedroom dwellings are designed from a invariable core with a modulated addition which completes the requirements of the program.  This fixed core is constructed attending to the surrounding views and sunlight, and its two main pieces, living and sleeping rooms, are stacked to the south, from which they are protected with a filter, regulating a services strip to the rear of the structure.

The strict order achieved by the linear core is mathematically blurred into a shifting volume.  Thus, the dwellings become "machines for living", fitting surfaces and diminishing the transition areas between rooms.  Its construction responds to the necessity of industrial optimization.  The main body is constructed from a single high accuracy aluminum cast.  At the same time, the light steel structure modules that constitute the expanded elements enable volumetric variations.