Candela House

The concept of the Candela House was to construct a family meeting place large enough for the variable and regular meeting of a family composed of 6 subfamilies, with a total of 10 adults and 8 children.  The idea was to create a family shelter, a place to meet and escape from urban life, with a low budget and the scarce construction resources available in a relatively isolated location.

The plot is located in an area surrounded by mountains, Aballe Dego, close to river Sella in Asturias, Spain.  Designers at ZigZag Architecture felt the location suggested the idea of a mountain, hollowed inside, with eyes stratigically arranged to capture the surrounding landscape, introducing it into the rooms of the house and avoiding direct views into the homes of the nearest neighbors.

The volume interacts with the surrounding mountains, longing to become one of them.  The folded roof is also a product of the enforcement of the local regulations and the hipped roof indicated by them.  The result is a hard shell, earthy and perforated, allowing the entry of the landscape in the form of pictures which change each time you return to the house.

The perforated skin protects its inhabitants from the outside, while allowing them to interact physically and visually with nature, with the seasons and with the weather.